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Sex Kitten

because uke!grimmjow is hot as hell when done right

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A yaoi community for fans of uke!Grimmjow, the Sexta Espada.
Welcome to the uke!Grimmjow community, a place for fans of the Sexta Espada as uke to gather and share fanfictions, fanarts, doujinshi and everything around the one and only Grimmjow Jeagerjaques.

If you are like me, you must have noticed the disappointing amount of fics portraying Grimmjow as anything but a rapist or a maniacal seme in the Western fandom.

This place is thus for fans who want to see a different side of our favourite panther, and will serve not only as community for fans to post their work, but also as an archieve to share recommendations on any fanwork involving Grimmjow as uke.


• Fanfictions, fanarts, icons, wallpapers, AMVs, banners, FSTs and other fanworks that are male/male oriented. The only exception to that rule is if you wish to write a fic with Grimmjow as a female, or if it concerns a secondary pairing (ex.: main pairing: Ulquiorra/Grimmjow, mention of Ichigo/Rukia).

• ALL fanworks MUST revolve around Grimmjow as a UKE only. All pairings with Grimmjow are OK, as long as he is bottom. Moreover, the uke part must be the focus of the fanwork. In other words, having Grimmjow uke in chapter 1 of your fic but seme in chapter 3 is, while perfectly fine in itself, NOT what we are looking for here. Check No Place Like Home by Daydreamer on adult.fanfiction.net to see exactly what is wanted in this community.

• Doujinshi scans and references to find doujinshi on sites such as ebay are welcome. If you are selling a doujinshi, then it’s fine to post the link here as long as it’s properly labelled and contains uke!Grimmjow, same for scans. Don’t forget that you should always try to buy the doujinshi you love to support the artists.

• Speculation and discussion concerning Bleach characters and yaoi pairings involving Grimmjow.

• Recommendations on fanfics, fanarts and other fanworks that contain uke!Grimmjow.


• Plagiarism. Nobody likes that and plagiarists are always found out in the end.

• Introduction posts, as they are not necessary. Just say "Hi, I'm new!" when you post your first community contribution. You can however add your reasons for liking uke!Grimmjow in that first post if you wish.

• Flaming of other members. Keep all conversations civilized and be nice to your fellow fans.

• Character and pairing bashing. Everyone loves different things, so don’t stick your preferences down other people’s throat.

• Shota in any form. Please only post smut about people who are the age of consent.

• Uncredited Japanese fanarts. Always link to the artist’s website rather than posting fanarts if you don’t have permission to do so. Japanese artists might remove their work or close their site otherwise, and this is NOT something that we want.


• Clearly and properly label all contents, so people will know what they are getting into. You should use the following templates:

Pairing: (correct order is seme/uke or top/bottom so PLEASE respect it. It tends to be both confusing and annoying otherwise)

Title: (if applicable)

• NSFW material of any kind should ALWAYS be under an LJ cut AND properly labelled. Anything higher than PG-13 should be hidden under an LJ-cut.

• Try to keep all large images and fanfictions under LJ cut as well.

• According to LJ rules, please always include this warning when posting NSFW material on the community:

COMMUNITY DISCLAIMER: All characters depicted in sexual situations in this post/fanfiction/fanart (including material in the comments) are fictional and are intended to be and considered to be by the author of said material of the legal age of consent in the United States state of California, regardless of what age these characters may be in the material they are derived from.

Interested in affiliating with this community? Send a message to one of the mods, shadow_arashi or eloni!


» journal layout by eloni, credit for the base goes to visualwit
» profile layout by eloni, credit for the base goes to creative_muse
» fanarts used for the graphics are by Amainu Naorin